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LEED WB-LCA (Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment) Report for a hospital project.(Vancouver, Canada)

This report was prepared by Essential India Pvt. Ltd. for a hospital project in Vancouver, Canada. It contains Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment (WB-LCA) results as per LEED v4 standards. A baseline and three design options were analyzed, with only the concrete materials being changed in the design options while keeping other materials the same as the baseline. The objective of the analysis was to compare the impact of six categories in all options and determine which option meets the LEED v4 requirements. The LEED v4 requires that a life-cycle assessment of the project's structure and enclosure be conducted and that a minimum of 10% reduction compared to a baseline building be demonstrated in at least three of the six impact categories (Global Warming Potential being mandatory) without increasing the remaining categories by more than 5%. The WB-LCA was conducted using the LEED v4 tool of One Click LCA.

Baseline Result

Result Option 1

Result Option 2

Result Option 3

The results showed that only Option 3 met the LEED v4 WB-LCA requirements, with a 10% reduction compared to the baseline in four impact categories: Global Warming Potential, Acidification, Tropospheric Ozone Formation, and Non-Renewable Energy Depletion. This design option will help the project achieve WB-LCA credits under LEED v4.

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