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Background and Brief: Here I am asking question related to building design and construction by myself and also building industry people. Is it your beautiful looking buildings are beautiful from inside or not? Here beauty of building means: energy efficiency, water efficiency, nature and environment of building. Further I am asking questions by considering green building modules. Energy: Are these buildings saving energy and lighting up houses; Water: Are these building saving water and increasing water table; Sustainable sites and location: Are these buildings connected with nature; Indoor quality & views: Are these buildings getting natural air, daylight & views. If not, then we have to see buildings like CII Sohrabji building, we have to learn from this, we have to understand this and we have to implement like this.

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This study is for a lighting retrofit of CEPT University in India, for reducing energy consumption and enhancing visual comfort. The assessment of the spaces included lighting audits, monitoring of lights, schedule of use, visual comfort surveys and measurement of illuminance levels. Electricity consumption due to lighting is 32% of the total due to night time usage of spaces. Health issues like headache, tired eyes, glare problem and low illuminance level were found which resulted in more than 50% of occupants taking breaks for eye recovery. Studio, classroom, and private office spaces contributed to 85% of the campus lighting energy. A market survey revealed that only a few brands provide photometric files in India. Proposed solutions were simulated in Relux. The existing lighting and proposed solutions were evaluated to meet the national codes. The energy savings due to the proposed retrofit is 21%, 44% and 42% for studio, classroom, and private office. Payback due to retrofit is found to be 9.5, 3.8, 6.8 years for the respective spaces. If all spaces of these 3 space types are retrofitted (67 out of 122 spaces), it would amount to an annual cost saving of INR. 178,670 for a payback of 8 years.

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