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You Are Amazing! Welcome to ESSENTIAL INDIA

Essential India is an EDGE consultant and green building simulation consultant that helps clients create sustainable, energy-efficient buildings. We provide a wide range of services, our expertise are mainly in:


building simulation

We use advanced computer modeling to simulate the energy performance of buildings. This allows us to predict how a building will perform in different weather conditions, and make recommendations for improvements.

EDGE Audit & consulting

Your Partner in Sustainable Building Excellence. Through our EDGE Audit and Consulting services, we empower architects, developers, and builders to design and construct buildings that are energy efficient, water-saving, and low in greenhouse gas emissions. Our expert team will guide you every step of the way to achieve EDGE certification and demonstrate your leadership in sustainable building practices.

Carbon Footprint

Reducing Carbon Footprints One Step at a Time. We are committed to helping businesses and organizations in India to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. Our team of experts will provide the tools and guidance needed to measure, monitor, and reduce emissions, and to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. By choosing Essential India, you're taking the essential step towards a sustainable future for our country.

Other Services

We provide guidance on how to achieve Leadership in Other Certifications too like LEED, GRIHA, and IGBC. This includes working with clients to develop strategies for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and water efficiency.


What We Do

Essential India team was in the field of sustainability from 2015 onwards. We have strong presence in India and in North America. Our aim is to provide living environment through sustainable building design & operation. We are an energy consultancy firm based out in Mumbai. We are green building consultants working closely with architects, MEP engineers, owners and other stakeholders providing energy efficiency solutions. We collaborate with various stakeholders to create building design which has less climate impact, reducing carbon footprint and maximize thermal comfort. We provide services that deal with passive design solutions, lighting solutions, energy auditing, energy assessment, energy modelling & code compliance, green rating compliance, climate and microclimate analysis, renewable energy systems integration and daylight analysis.
Our extensive experience in high-performance building consulting, energy modelling, building commissioning, and marketing of our projects, as well as hands-on experience in the trades has well-equipped our firm to meet all your needs as they relate to green building to move your company towards total sustainability. The combined skills and experience of our diverse staff allows us to quickly become a value-added member of any project team. We leverage this wisdom and knowledge to help your company identify and implement the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible green building strategies.

List of Companies we've worked with

Turner Construction Company (USA)

Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited (TRIL)

Adani Realty

Kerala Infrastructure Investment  Board (KIIFB)

St. Jude Child Care Centre

Corona Remedies Pvt. Ltd. 

Stallion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Kamakshi Flexiprint Ltd.

Porche Car (USA)

University of Toronto (Canada)



Unison Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.

Rx Propellant Pvt. Ltd.

Shrishti Cargo Warehouse Pvt. Ltd.

Horizon Architect

Planoscapes Architect

ACTREC(Tata Memorial Hospital) 

Insight Mall Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Maxicus Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Solar Decathlon India



Jade Agri Land Pvt. Ltd.

Kalpakrit Sustainable Environments Pvt. Ltd.

Provident Housing Pvt. Ltd. (Purvankara Group)

Arkk MEP Consulting

Core Energy System Pvt. Ltd.

Aga Khan Foundation

Copper Chimney Restaurant


Do you want to know Energy Star Rating Level of your House or Building?

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